HP Omen 15-dc Review – Six Cores. Best GTX 1060 Laptop under $1000?

Is the HP Omen 15 the FASTEST SIX CORE GTX 1060 Gaming laptop? Is it Faster than the Dell G7 and G3 ?
I test thermals, gaming and non-gaming performance, cooling performance, colour accuracy, eGPU performance and HP Game Stream.
i7 8750h six core CPU
GTX 1060 6GB
256 GB SSD (PCIe)
1 TB 7200 rpm Hard drive
1080p, 15.6″ IPS 60 Hz Non Gsync display
Thunderbolt 3

My overclock settings:
To speed up the CPU these are my settings in Throttlestop: Speedstep + EPP change from 128 to 1. Disable BDprochot, Change multipliers to 41 on all 6 cores, Undervolt to 144 mv on cache and core, TurboTime limit to 96. That should push more watts to the CPU but the undervolt counteracts it. Your average clock rate will go up.

GPU core clock: anywhere from +150 to 170 Mhz on the core, +179 Mhz on the memory.

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