8 Hours Of Mind Re-Programming | Confidence, Well Being, Motivation & Success

8 Hours of Spoken Positive Affirmations for Deep sleep programming – personal development & Spiritual growth! Manifest Miracles, magic and amazing opportunities with these powerful law of attraction affirmations. Affirmations are useful in wiring the brain with positive & optimistic thinking! From positive thinking comes more positive emotions and less stress and anxiety. This is a powerful tool you can use to plant positive seeds into your subconscious mind to increase your sense of well being, joy, motivation, inner peace, happiness, love and improve the success you’re having in all aspects of your life. With more positive emotions we are more likely to follow our dreams and awaken our true potential! Time to activate our higher mind! The law of attraction works! This audio can be used to program your subconscious mind while sleeping. ( Sleep affirmations ) While sleeping, the affirmations bypasses the filters of the conscious mind and sinks even deeper into the subconscious enhancing the effects!

DOWNLOAD: https://zenliferelax.dpdcart.com/product/134544

We are forever grateful to anyone that support us! Our life mission is to make Planet Earth a better place for all living beings. Thank you, dear soul. Hope you enjoy this session 🙂

For your inner peace and joy.

Alexander & Kenneth



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