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Touchpay’s automated payment solutions for government agencies and facilities are reliable, secure, and convenient!

Our automated payment solutions provide easy ways for customers to make their payments or deposits to government agencies and facilities from their homes, on location at the agency, or in retail outlets.

TouchPay Turnkey Systems

With over 25 years of experience providing automated-payment solutions, TouchPay has products and services created specifically for the unique needs of government agencies. Our dedicated team of specialists produces high-impact, technologically-advanced products and unparalleled service for our clients and customers.

TouchPay’s turnkey payment and kiosk platform includes software integration, installation, training, marketing materials, cash pick-up services, maintenance, remote monitoring, web-based investigative and transactional reporting, and live, US-based client and customer support teams (English and Spanish). In short, everything an agency needs to automate payment processes is provided.

Kiosk System

Because every aspect of our payment platform is managed completely by TouchPay, agencies profit from lower overhead and increased revenues. Once installed, our bilingual customer service team answer customer’s and client’s questions related to all activity, even if transactions occurred just seconds prior to the call. This provides our clients with:

  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • No agency involvement
  • Quicker reconciliation of issues
  • Decreased number of disputed transactions

Manually processing cash and credit/debit card payments is labor-intensive and costly. In today’s tough economic environment, the bottom line counts and automation pays.

Contact Sales at TouchPay by email at or call 866-204-1603 to find out more about how TouchPay can make a difference for your government agency or facility.

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