Pool Windows – Acrylic pool viewing installations for residential or commercial applications Australia wide.

Pool Windows is an organisation comprising of professional acrylic pool panel fabricators and installers. Our versatile team can fabricate and install an acrylic pool window for your home or commercial property. Our extensive experience in the aquarium industry means we also cater for large aquarium installation projects.

Our staff hold over 20 years of combined experience installing underwater windows and have the knowledge and skills to ensure a quality installation in every situation. Based in Queensland Australia, we cater for local, domestic and international projects.

Pool Windows (or underwater window) are a dynamic way to add both a functional and aesthetic feature to a pool. Acrylic is used as a safer alternative to glass, and can be installed as either a window or wall to your pool allowing natural light and interactive viewing to occur.

Pool Windows work with builders/architects and pool designers from the project outset through to completion in order to deliver custom made windows or wall panels for pools. A pool window adds a unique and luxurious pool feature to your outdoor design area.

Why use acrylic? Acrylic has a higher impact resistance than glass, can be cut and formed to a variety of shapes (such as curved tunnels as seen in large scale underwater worlds), and unlike glass it can be easily polished if scratched.


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