What is spirituality? How to get started?

What is spirituality? How to get started? A short step-by-step simplified explanation.

Spirituality is about understanding that every person is a conscious sentient being residing in a body that’s material. After the body takes birth it grows, dwindles and dies.

However, the conscious being grows love, affection, happiness, anger and distress. This experiencing sentient being is called The Aatma or The Spirit Soul.

This spirit soul is part and parcel of the supreme being or Paramatma or Krishna and that is characterized by Sat,Chit and Ananda.

Sat means Eternal. This means that there is no birth and death of the soul.
Chit means Conscious. When Aatma leaves the body, the soul is conscious but the body is not.
Ananda means Happiness. Happiness is finding and connecting with other conscious beings. Happiness is only experienced by Conscious beings.

You can put two robots cracking jokes and laughing though they are programmed by a conscious being. Conscious beings have emotions which robots do not because conscious beings are spiritual beings having a human experience.

This quality of spirituality is the same as the quality of God is but in quantity God is infinite and human beings are infinitesimally small. We experience everything God experiences and that’s the only reason a human being can have relationships with other sentient beings whether it’s a human, a cow, a dog, a peacock, a bird or God. We can relate, love and exchange between conscious beings. Finding and connecting with other conscious beings is a spiritual connection.

There is another form of connection known as the materialistic connection.
When a human being does not connect with other person’s soul and connect with its possessions like the body, money, ability to sing and dance.

These possessions deteriorate over time and the love of these possessions deteriorates over time. If the love is with the spiritual being without the body, it is Satchidananda. It is eternal, conscious and blissful.

Forgetting all external things, connect with people and respect people knowing them
to be spiritual beings to be equal.

Understand who you are?
Understand what others are?
Distinguish between matter and spirit.
Treat every living being with respect, compassion and equal vision.

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Avelo’s spiritual foundation plays a key role in his life choices and he embeds the timeless teachings of Bhagavad Gita in his business decision making and mentorship that he has provided to more than 1500 young men and women in US, Canada, India and China.


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