AGHORIS – The Dark Side Of Spirituality ft. Kiran Khalap | The Ranveer Show 45

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Today’s special The Ranveer Show episode features Kiran Khalap who discusses The Aghoris – an ancient religion of Sadhus which dwell in post – mortem rituals. The Aghoris are believed to take this insane yet dangerous way of living for reaching Enlightenment. In this conversation, we talk about examples of how yogis and aghoris seek enlightenment, but in their own ways. A lot of what these rituals include are almost mythical and seem to shock Modern day society. Enjoy our podcast with an open mind, you never know where it might lead you.

AGHORIS – The Dark Side Of Spirituality ft. Kiran Khalap | The Ranveer Show 45
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00:00 – Introduction
02:13 – About Aghoris
03:51 – Books about Aghoris
04:56 – About Kundalini Yoga
05:58 – His experience with J. Krishnamurti
06:34 – The idea of Liberation
07:32 – About Siddhis or Superpowers
08:52 – Dark Practices of Aghoris
10:09 – About Ghosts
12:14 – About Tantrik
12:38 – Insane story of an Aghori from Banaras
13:42 – His experience of grace
15:46 – His book recommendations

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