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Grab a cup of matcha and buckle in, cause this one’s a long one hehe here’s the video (some of) you have been waiting for A million thanks to you beautiful souls who submitted questions! I compiled all the Qs and tried my best to answered most of them. Like I mentioned a few times in the video, spirituality is a very personal thing, so please keep in mind these are all my thoughts and personal experiences. I highly encourage every single one of your to embark on your very own magical quest of self-discovery. 🙂

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1:03 – What was the reason for you looking into spirituality?
3:06 – Have you ever explored other religions or did you grow up with your current practice?

5:07 – How intensely has your spiritual practice changed your life?
5:14 – How did you come to believe what you do? How has your practice benefitted you and what made you decide to put a strong focus on it?
6:31 – How did you know that it was your solution? How did you choose? Why Falun Dafa?
8:04 – What are the basics of your spiritual practice?
14:21 – How does a beginner get into Falun Dafa? How can I start practicing it?
Tips for beginners
15:15 – What books would you recommend?
16:20 – Why are practitioners of your faith so persecuted in China?
17:46 – What do you gain (mentally & spiritually) from your spiritual practice?
18:15 – What are your doubts concerning your beliefs?
19:30 – Was there change in your life immediately or was it a progression?
20:11 – What are the biggest challenges/hurdles you went through in your spiritual journey?
21:50 – How does your belief influencer your morals? I’m interested to see how much of an impact it has in your daily life
22:25 – Is there a hierarchy associated with Falun Dafa?
22:58 – Do you feel a sense of connection to others who also practice?
23:53 – Is there a concept of hope in Falun Dafa? And a reason for why we exist?
24:15 – Do you believe in god? Have you always believed in a god? Is it necessary to your spiritual practice?
25:05 – Does your spiritual practice have any “rules” about diet and foods?

26:32 – What does your faith say about sadness & despair?
28:03 – How does spirituality help keep the general doubt, fear, and uncertainty away?
28:39 – What do you believe regarding after life? Heaven? Reincarnation?
29:28 – How do you incorporate your spirituality in your daily life even when it feels like it’s too difficult?
30:15 – How do you deal with/embrace your doubts?
30:48 – How do you view other religious beliefs/practices?
31:34 – There were/are so many “gurus” that were not what they say. How to deal with this kind of description…
33:30 – Do you think that we need spirituality in order to lead a fulfilling life/to grow and develop as a person?
33:51 – When you are having a bad time, how do you reconnect yourself with God?
34:12 – Difference between faith & destiny?
34:31 – I’ve often felt very spiritually unfulfilled but I don’t even know where to start looking. Any tips?

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