Work-from-home jobs available now despite coronavirus outbreak


Dozens of companies offering work-from-home job openings during coronavirus pandemicVideo

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The U.S. has seen at least 1.3 million infections and nearly 81,000 confirmed deaths from the coronavirus, the highest toll in the world by far, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

With the U.S. economy in free-fall and more than 30 million people unemployed, many conservatives have been anxious to reopen states for business.

Eyeing the November elections, the Trump administration has been eager to restart the economy, urging on protesters opposing their state governors’ stay-at-home orders and expressing his own confidence that the coronavirus will fade away as summer advances and Americans return to work and other pursuits.


Even as President Trump urges getting Americans back to work and reopening the economy, thousands of people are getting sick from COVID-19 on the job.

Recent figures show a surge of infections in meatpacking and poultry-processing plants. There’s been a spike of new cases among construction workers in Austin, Texas, where that sector recently returned to work. Even the White House has proven vulnerable, with positive coronavirus tests for one of Trump’s valets and for Vice President Mike Pence’s press secretary.

The developments underscore the high stakes for communities nationwide as they gradually loosen restrictions on business.

A recent Associated Press review determined that 17 states did not meet a key White House benchmark for loosening restrictions — a 14-day downward trajectory in new cases or positive test rates. Yet many of those have begun to reopen or are about to do so, including Alabama, Kentucky, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Utah.

Of the 33 states that have had a 14-day downward trajectory of either cases or positive test rates, 25 are partially opened or moving to reopen within days, the AP analysis found. Other states that have not seen a 14-day decline remain closed despite meeting some benchmarks.


Work-from-home jobs, however, are available now amid the coronavirus outbreak, whether you make your own or you apply for one.

See below for more guidance from Fox News.

Todd Siddons is one entrepreneur working remotely who recently moved to Arizona.

He told Fox News: “I’ve spent the last five years as my own boss building a network marketing business in the health and wellness industry. It’s allowed me the geographical freedom to live and work from beaches, coffee shops, and cities around the world.  I’m always looking to partner with other inspired entrepreneurial types who aren’t afraid to hustle.”

Todd Gareiss, who received an MBA from Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business and a Bachelor of Arts in economics from Drew University, is a marketing expert who uses the same strategies and techniques used by leading advertising and PR firms for branding work-from-home job seekers in the new market.

He runs and told Fox News: “We are going to start seeing a lot of empty office space … in the years ahead” as work-from-home jobs become more normal for the American workface.

He said job seekers need to have resumes that highlight independence and productivity outside the office while working remotely.

“Not only do you have to uncover the work at home jobs you have to out-class the competition for those jobs. Ask yourself why you over all the other applicants. You have to out-market the competition.”

Below are a few work-from-home jobs going unfilled nationally right now.

Law Enforcement Transcriber

Workers who like criminal investigations can get a paycheck typing out the words from police and law enforcement audio files.

Typists with great listening skills can find work through Net Transcripts.


Cryptocurrency Content Developer

This work-from-home job is in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

A content developer is a communications liaison helping move the crypto-economy to the fore.

Front End Web Developer

A world where jobs are increasingly virtual and digital looks for workers fluent in HTML and JavaScript.

Coders can check out talent agency Vitamin T and other spots online from similar listings.


A remote bookkeeper can be a great job for workers who know Quickbooks.

A degree in accounting is needed for an associate bookkeeper job with CFO Services, a company based in America’s capital; staffing agency Accounting Principals hires freelance accountants and bookkeepers.

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