What is spirituality for Jung?

How did Jung investigate the spirituality of patients?
The Jungian archetypes and religiosity.

Anahy Fonseca has a Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine by the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (1982). She has experience in the Medical area, with emphasis in Psychiatry, acting mainly in the following subjects: psychotherapy, diagnosis, religiosity/spirituality and mental health. She is a medical doctor with a specialization in psychiatry, member of the Psychiatric Association of Rio Grande do Sul – APRS and of the Brazillian Association of Psychiatry – ABP, specialist in Analitical Orientated Psychotherapy, Analyst in ongoing formation by the Junguian Institute of RS -IJRS, Director of Communications of APRS, Coordinatior and Founding Member of the Nucleus of Psychiatry and Spirituality of APRS, Coordinator of the Department of Studies in Spirituality of IJRS, Vice-President of the Medical Spiritist Association of RS. She is a professor in Monteiro Lobato University, teaching the Specialization Course in Health and Spirituality.


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