Numerology 2020 I आप की डेट ऑफ बर्थ के ये 2 नंबर दे सक्ते हैं आपको अपार सफ़लता I Arviend Sud

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This video talks about the 2 special numbers which matter a lot in your success in life as per Numerology. To know what are these 2 special numbers, please watch the full video.

It also talks about the reasons for you not being successful even if you have both these numbers in your Numeroscope (made from your date of birth).

It further talks about the remedies in case you don’t have these numbers or one of them in your Numeroscope (made from your date of birth). It explains in detail on how do you indirectly bring the effect of these numbers into your life as per Numerology and move towards success.

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Arviend Sud is a world renowned Numerology and Vastu Shastra expert. He is called the Trainer of Trainers and conducts his online and offline courses worldwide.
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