NUMEROLOGY धन आकर्षण के आसान उपाय MAGIC OF 2,5&6

Today we will talk about those three special numbers, according to Numerology , which if they are missing in your date of birth for any reason, affect the flow of money or attracting money or even enjoying your wealth and these things are missing from your life. Actually all digits from number 1 to 9 are all connected to money exactly in the same manner that the Navgrah (9 planets) give us money. So it would be wrong to say that some numbers do not give money. Every number gives you money , every planet gives you money. Their forms keep on changing. But which are those three numbers in your date of birth , when they are missing , you can often face problems related to money.
Th3e first number is 2 which astrologically represents the planet Moon. Because of its connection with moon , if 2 number is missing, you will frequently see that the flow of money in your life will be disturbed from one or the other angle . Where can the first indications of this be seen? When you drink water and leave a little bit of it in the glass and it get wasted, then the attributes of Moon ie attributes of number 2 get spoilt because of which in your life you will face problems and challenges related to money. Second if you constantly leave the water taps open or there is some leakage and water drips continuously drop by drop then these are direct indicators that the energies of Moon in your home are disturbed. So it is very important that you utilize water properly, drink it carefully because if number 2 is missing in your life or is getting repeated , in both the conditions its energies will be getting disturbed.
So it is very important that you check the wastage of water in your homes and along with this, to improve the Moon energies you can start drinking water in a silver glass. This will enhance the energies of Moon.
The other number which plays a major role for money is number 5. Astrologically this is the number of Mercury ie Budh and money can be earned only through brains . If this number is missing in your date of birth , then this means 5 number energies are missing or if it is getting repeated then also 5 number energies are getting disturbed.
Always remember if a number is missing or being repeated , in both cases the energies are getting disturbed. So if 5 number is missing or being repeated , it means Mercury planet energies are disturbed. How will you see its first indication in your home. It is possible that you keep broken / used up pens , pencils in your home. Also there might be books ,maybe belonging to your children or some old books which are torn .So this is the first indicator. To enhance Mercury , make it a habit , always keep a pen with you preferably of green. Secondly if you develop a habit of writing with a pen- maybe five minutes in a day, in a separate copy , if you write your wishes with a green color pen, then you enhance the energies of number 5.
And the third digit is number 6. Yes number 6 which is astrologically representing Venus. If its energies are disturbed ie 6 number is missing or repeated , in both conditions , although you might have money , you won’t be able to enjoy your wealth. . Where are the signs visible? Very often in those house husband wife relationships are not very healthy, remember this secondly you will see that they won’t be able to maintain the level of cleanliness of the house as should be there. So you must improve these two things in your life on practical grounds. If you improve the husband wife relations then you enhance Venus. Also if 6 number is missing or repeated , for this too cleanliness is the first rule. The more you focus on hygiene , on keeping yourself well groomed/ pampered ie the more beautiful you look- internal beauty also, not just external beauty- then the energies of Venus get enhanced. Along with this one simple remedy , if you mix honey with milk and drink at night , you improve the energies of Venus.
So this is the magic of these three numbers ie 2,5,6 as per numerology. In your date of birth if they are missing or repeated you will continuously observe some issues related to money. And once again I will repeat that this does not mean other numbers do not give money. Every number gives money and each number can give obstacles in that money but these three are prime numbers . Exactly the same way, each planet can give money and can also give obstacles in that too. From the point of view of Vastu, all 16 divisions can give money and obstacles too come from them. It all depends at what point the energies get disturbed.
So these magical numbers 2,5,6 – add them in your life and get benefits from them. Improve your symptoms and enhance the planets and you will be able to see the flow of money in your life.
So we will meet again next Sunday, with a new topic, a new session, in Saarthi series .

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