16 Immediate hire work from home jobs for beginner to start


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work from home jobs

work from home jobs

Are you looking for immediate hire work from home jobs with qualifications and skills that will give you monthly income? When you do not have enough skills to start work or need temporary work while you improve your skills then have work from home can be a good idea.

1. Customer service.

From all home from home rules, the customer service jobs are the most wanted jobs desired due to the flexibility. However, you need to keep in mind since most of the customer service jobs will require you to be on the phone.

  • a. You can apply at Accolade Support for immediate hire as they do not need the experience to apply but they will prefer more if you have a certain skill.
  • b. Live ops. Live ops prefer to your skill rather than past work experience.
  • c. Next rep. The company hired varies in customer service and sales.

2. Writer.

If you love to write, then you can work from anywhere as a freelance writer. You can try to apply to the lists below.

  • a. Verblio.
  • b. Buy keyword articles. This is a company that focuses on SEO content.
  • c. Textbroker. This company pays its freelance writer great.

3. Transcription.

Transcription is a perfect option for those who are beginner without experience jobs to look for. Many transcription companies hire an immediate employee to work with their typing skills.

  • a. Transcribe Me. Transcribe Me is a company that pays as low as min $20 per hours and you can pay higher if you have experience in legal or medical.
  • b. Rev. This Company offers you transcription work even if you do not have experience. The payment paid weekly via PayPal.
  • c. Tiger Fish. Tiger Fish consider beginners to work with them. But they allow the transcription skills test for allowance.

4. Survey jobs.

immediate hire remote jobs

immediate hire remote jobs

The survey jobs are great for earning extra money that will help you to keep the income flow stable when you are a beginner in work from home fields. In this job, you will be voicing your opinions on new brands and make money. This is jobs that easy to do and some of them pay well.

5. Data entry.

immediate hiring work from home jobs no experience

immediate hiring work from home jobs no experience

Data entry is the next option for those who are looking for work from home jobs. Data entry can be hard for the first time, but this is a perfect job to start. Faster you work then more money you can earn. You can find the data entry job at Smart Crowd or Sig track. The smart crowd is part of Lion Bridge, the search engine and you need to take qualification tests before work.

6. Search engine evaluator.

Like a search engine evaluator you will need to take a test and some companies require a college degree but some companies do not ask it.

  • a. Lion Bridge. The companies offer flexible work on your schedule to do your jobs.
  • b. iSoftStone. The monthly income is around $12 per hour.
  • c. Appen. The Appen Company offers you flexible time and works hours to commit at least 4 hours a day.

7. ESL tutor.

Becomes ESL tutor you will need at university degree or proof that active enrollment in the university. You also should a native English speaker. You can apply in QKids as an ESL tutor and they like to pay as low as $16 hour to $20. The other place where you can apply is Cambly, iTalki, Nice Talk review, and English Hunt. Both of them require an expert on the language they teach. You do not need a teaching certificate.

8. Translator.

legitimate work from home jobs hiring now

legitimate work from home jobs hiring now

You can make your translation service or apply to several companies that provide translation service.

  • a. Gengo. This is the greatest place for a freelance translator to get their jobs.
  • b. Language Line. This company often hires interpreters that work from home from various languages.
  • c. Verbalizlt. This is a company that opens worldwide and they hire people to do the translation or transcription jobs.

9. Live Chat Jobs.

This job offered by companies to provide live chat support for their consumers. This job does not need a degree, experience, and license. You need to ensure to support their consumers with chat or email.

  • a. Kelly Connect
  • b. Chat shop.

10. Virtual assistant.

work at home jobs for moms

work at home jobs for moms

Most of the companies that hire virtual assistant interest in your skills since the virtual assistant needs to have varied skills and responsibilities depend on clients that they handle.

  • a. Fancy hands.
  • b. 99 Dollar social

11. Mystery shopper.

You can apply for a job as a mystery shopper in Intellisshope, Bestmark, and Marketforce.

12. Website testing job.

work from home jobs amazon

work from home jobs amazon

This test will pay you for test websites. You will need to test whether their website works well or not. You can be hired from several online services.

13. Test/essay scoring.

This job allows you to score for a test or essay.

You can apply as test or essay scoring in Measurement, inc, Write Score, etc. you do not need any prior experience even you can work while you in a university degree. You can work if you are at least 4 –year Degree College.

14. Pet sitter.

amazon work at home opportunities

amazon work at home opportunities

If you love animals then you will love this job. Offer your service to sitting dog or cats will earn you extra income. You can apply for this job on Rover that well known as pet sitting companies or you can make your services.

15. Research.

real work from home jobs

real work from home jobs

If you are interested in research jobs, then this can be a great place to start.

  • a. AskWonder. This company hires a home-based researcher.

16. Moderation.

legitimate work from home jobs hiring now near me

legitimate work from home jobs hiring now near me

This is an era with a digital online presence. This activity is time-consuming and that is the reason why many companies hire moderation service.

  • a. Crisp thinking. Crisp thinking is looking for the moderator that comes with wide ranges of background so that they can handle clients from any fields.
  • b. Mod squad. If you want to join with Modsquad you need to be comforted with digital engagement include social media, etc.
  • c. Live World. Live world work with a wide range of companies around the world. Many of their moderator jobs no need any experience preference but if you have bilingual skills it gives you more opportunity to join with the companies.


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