जन्म तिथि से जानिए अपनी सभी समस्याओं का समाधान I DOB NUMEROLOGY I Saarthi Sahil Jain

Namaskar, welcome again to the world of Spandan. In today’s journey you will get to know, about those small remedies, according to your moolank which you can apply in your life to achieve progress, growth, money in your life. But before that , we will know what are Spandan?

What is vibration?

The place till where scientists has discoverd vibrations the whole universe depend on the vibration which means “String theory”. Even before your birth, when you were in the mother’s womb, your mother’s heart beat was nurturing you. When you came on this earth, you cry for the first time, it creates vibration. When a mother helps her child in doing toilet, she creates vibrations/ Spandan. Through which a child do toilet. As you start growing up in your life, the name by which people calls you, that name creates Spandan. When a person dies his heart beat, his breath first cheked. Vibration is a cryptic even mantra-ucharan in Sanskrit creates Spandan. Its not about pronunciation. Vibration happens when there is a change in pronunciation.

When change occurs in name’s upchaaran, that creates vibration.

Today will know about those small remedies according to your moolank, which you can apply in your life to achieve progress and can get rid of any challenge or difficulty you are facing in your life.

So today you will know about from your moolank and its vibration/ Spandan and what are the ways to enhance it, to attract success, money and growth.

People who are born on dates like 1, 10, 19,28 have number 1 as their moolank. When you squeeze down the first two digits of you Date of Birth and bring it on to one number, that is your moolank means the core, your basic nature. You spent your whole life to become someone, but how is your mool, your basic nature. Whole life you try to impress other, you try to become a different person while doing this you change your vibrations. You represent one planet, but you try to become something else.

So vibration are very important when someone is motivated that he can do it, he is capable of doing this a vibration is created either he is capable or not, he will definitely do it. And when someone is de-motivated either he is capable or not, he will not be able to do that work. Why! Because such negative vibrations are created and when you stay connected with your mool you vibrate on that frequency that will give you that results in your life, you cannot even think.

So those persons who have No. 1 ‘Vibrations of Sun’ as their moolank should take the blessings of Sun. whenever they wakeup in the morning should take the blessings of the Sun. Sun is your soul. Sun is dominant. When you start loving yourself, your soul after taking blessings from the sun, see yourself in the mirror, or you can start appreciating yourself. Then 1 number vibrations will become strong. Keep on of your beautiful picture as a wallpaper in your mobile. So first of all you connects with your own vibration, Number 1 means you connect with your own soul, which belongs to sun itself.

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