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The rapid advancement of the internet has made working from home possible for many office jobs. As opposed to commuting to the office every day, working from home eliminates the time and money spent on transportation. Remote jobs have many advantages, but also require good discipline and organization. In this article, we will discuss the most attractive work-from-home jobs hiring now.

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Working from home significantly reduces the costs for both the employee and the employer. The employee avoids paying for transportation, office meals and other related expenditures, while the employer no longer has to set up a dedicated workspace. Here are some of the best-paid and in-demand options for working from home jobs hiring now.

1. Customer service representative

National Average Salary: $13.10 per hour

Primary Duties: Online customer service professionals are hired by various companies to directly interact with customers on behalf of the organization. Their main duties are providing customers with relevant information regarding the goods and services sold by the hiring company and respond to various complaints and feedback. Working from home as a customer service representative requires a strong knowledge of the company you’re working for and their sold products, as well as good communication skills to deal with customer feedback.

2. Transcriptionist

National Average Salary: $13.71 per hour

Primary Duties: Transcriptionists take audio and video material provided by their hiring company and turn them into text. They work either independently on a project basis or for a single company and their work requires them to type quickly and accurately. It is a popular job with work-from-home beginners, as it doesn’t require any previously acquired skills or knowledge. Payment generally depends on the hours you put in, as well as the speed and quality of your typing.

3. Data entry clerk

National Average Salary: $14.07 per hour

Primary Duties: Data entry clerks use a computer to introduce large amounts of alphanumerical data into a company’s system. The collected data comes from various sources, like internet feedback forms, hand-written documents or audio files. The fact that data entry is done entirely with a computer makes it perfectly suitable as a job to do from home. There is no priory acquired skill or knowledge necessary except typing speed, making it a suitable entry-level home job.

4. Blogger

National Average Salary: $15.48 per hour

Primary Duties: Bloggers are typically people with knowledge and passion for a specific subject who enjoy writing about that particular subject on a regular or semi-regular basis. They can also be entertainers or people who enjoy sharing their life experiences. After gaining an online audience, blogging can be monetized in several ways, such as adding paid adverts to the blog, the promotion of products or services sold by partner companies and selling various digital or physical products. The generated income greatly depends on the size of the audience.

5. Virtual assistant

National Average Salary: $15.75 per hour

Primary duties: The main role of virtual assistants is to provide remote support to a person or organization with online administrative tasks, such as answering emails, managing calendars, providing technical support, performing data entry tasks, etc. The exact nature of the performed tasks varies depending on the hiring company but generally consists of providing assistance to other employees and interacting with company customers. Besides being a work-from-home job, being a virtual assistant is typically a part-time job with flexible hours, making it suitable as a second job.

6. Online surveyor

National Average Salary: $16.74 per hour

Primary Duties: Online surveyors are hired by companies that are looking to gather consumer feedback on the goods and services they provide. They typically contact existing or potential customers through various online channels and survey them on their shopping habits and feedback on the goods or services they use. They are typically required to ask in-depth questions, to help the hiring company improve their products and their marketing approach. Working as an online surveyor can suit many people, as it only requires basic computer skills and a working internet connection.

7. Proofreader

National Average Salary: $18.62 per hour

Primary Duties: Proofreaders are hired to go through large quantities of written content and spot grammatical or printing errors. Although it can be easily be done from home, it is typically a demanding job, requiring you to sustain high levels of attention and concentration for long periods. Although there is no formal education or training required for a role as a proofreader, applicants usually must prove their grammar skills and exceptional attention to detail. The income that this job can generate usually depends on the speed and accuracy of the proofreader.

8. Translator

National Average Salary: $20.10 per hour

Primary duties: Translators are either hired by a company or work as individual contractors, with their job mainly consisting of translating various texts from one language to another. Many organizations require large amounts of text translated into multiple languages, with the purpose of introducing their goods and services to new markets and geographical locations. Aside from having high proficiency in at least one foreign language, translators must also be able to type fast and keep high levels of concentration for long periods. Their income greatly depends on their typing speed and the amount of work they put in.

9. Online tutor

National Average Salary: $21.41 per hour

Primary Duties: Online tutors are usually hired by parents or educational facilities to provide online education, usually as a supplement to in-class schooling. The most popular subjects are typically English, Mathematics and Science, but it can be applied to virtually any other field. Online tutors are also hired by organizations that help their customers learn a foreign language. The classes are usually held via online video communication services such as Skype, but many companies also hire tutors to create pre-recorded sessions. Online tutors are typically current or former teachers.

10. Coder

National Average Salary: $21.70 per hour

Primary Duties: Coders design web pages, create websites and build different other types of visual content by using specific computer programing languages. Learning how to code is typically done through earning a degree in a computer-related field, but the internet’s constant rise in popularity and the increased need for coders means there are many online courses that can teach you how to code. As a coding professional you can either work for a single company or work as a freelancer on various projects.

11. Web designer

National Average Salary: $22.32 per hour

Primary Duties: Web designers are typically hired by small companies that are looking to improve their online presence with an attractive website. They need to create the website from scratch based on customer needs and demands, handling all details from basic look and design to functionality and user satisfaction. Being a successful web designer implies mastering essential software, such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as specific languages like JavaScript, CSS and HTML. Because prior knowledge and experience are crucial for this job, being an online web designer can be very lucrative.

12. Freelance writer

National Average Salary: $24.67 per hour

Primary Duties: Freelance writers are hired by different organizations, such as online publications and newspapers, to provide relevant written material. They are typically well-informed on one or more topics and can quickly perform internet researches on the subjects they need to write about. The length of the material can vary from a few words for product descriptions to entire books, while the pay can be either for an entire piece or per written word. Your income as a freelance writer will depend on the difficulty of the assignments, your experience level and the nature of your written articles.

National Average Salary: $48,051 per year

Primary Duties: A social media manager uses their hiring organization’s social media channels to promote various products and to communicate with potential and existing customers. They need to be well-informed on the goods and services that the company is selling, so they can properly reply to customer inquiries. They also need to have an accurate view of the company’s client base and regularly post relevant links to articles, videos, music clips and other online media that engage the right audience and increases the company’s online popularity. Strong social media knowledge and excellent communication skills are necessary for the role.

14. Copywriter

National Average Salary: $51,234 per year

Primary Duties: Copywriters are hired by advertising agencies or by other organizations to write messages for various promotional materials, such as billboards, brochures, promotion emails, online advertisements, presentations and any other material that relates to advertising a certain brand, product or service. They provide useful and relevant information to existing and potential customers, with an emphasis on maintaining a positive brand image. They can either work for a single company, advertising agency or copywriting agency or do project-based work as freelancers. Strong writing skills and thorough knowledge of the brands and products they write about are crucial.


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