Walking the Spiritual Path w/ Jarrad Wright (BIG LEZ SHOW)

Ever since Jarrad’s first interview about his Kundalini awakening experience, which changed his life and his art forever, people have been reaching out to him for help on their own spiritual journeys.
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Nobody can walk your path for you. There are people in the world who can help you figure it out but, in the end, you enter your inner world alone. Take your time and ask for help when you need support. Just because your friends and family can’t face your demons for you, doesn’t mean they can’t help at all.

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Start living, the world needs YOU! I hope this video inspires you to KEEP GOING:

How to safely identify Psilocybe subaeruginosa, Australia’s native magic mushroom and produce a spore print to confirm your ID:

Empathy workshops use virtual reality to teach people how to listen without judgement:

Aboriginal knowledge meets modern psychology – a totally different perspective:

Picking wild magic mushrooms – everything you ever wanted to know about psilocybin:

Managing drug induced psychosis with a genetic predisposition to schizophrenia without medication:

We documented an entire kinesiology session to show people what to expect:

Volunteering in Thailand at an elephant and wildlife rescue and education center:

Trees Talk to You w/ Jarrad Wright (EASTER EGG)


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