What Is Spirituality, Really

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I received one of those amazing questions this morning, which was from someone named Suzanne. Suzanne is, I think, a newer member of our tribe based on the question she asked, but it was such a good question I wanted to address it here today. So, Suzanne asked, “David, what is spirituality? Why is spirituality important and how can I live a more spiritual life?” Amazing question, Suzanne, and I want to be able to answer that for you.

So, here’s what I believe spirituality is. What I believe spirituality is, is it’s the act or condition of being in spirit, of being inspired, and all the emotions that come along with an inspired state. So, that could be gratitude, appreciation, joy, compassion, courage, curiosity. It’s all in the states that we really enjoy being in that lead to productive results in our life. And, I can tell you what spiritual is not, and it is not about being in your limiting beliefs about how you’re not good enough, or how you’re not doing enough, or how there’s not enough time or money, or the stories that you have about why you can’t have what you really want in your life, like there’s no good men or women out there, or there’s no way I could transition from the job I have into something I’d really love doing. Those types of states, those types of beliefs, lead to an emotion that doesn’t feel good, right? It leads to anxiety about the future. It leads to guilt about the past. It leads to overwhelm about your life. Not feeling like you’re good enough. So, that’s not living a spiritual moment. So, it’s not when you’re in the voice in your head.

What’s so important about living a spiritual life, which again is not a destination, it’s a moment-by-moment choice of what you want to focus on and whether or not you choose to live in a beautiful state. But why it’s so important is because that’s the state that gives you access to infinite intelligence. It’s what gives you access to your higher self. It’s what gives you access to the bigger, smarter part of you that knows why you’re here and what you really want to do, even though you may not be clear on it yet, and it guides you towards that destiny. So, I call it the voice of your destiny.


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