Numerology 2020 I D.O.B Numerology remedies.

We will talk on Points Ethology, How is your dates vibrations, when attached with your name’s vibration, with your bank accounts vibration, your telephone number vibration, with your four vehicles, two vehicles vibration combination. Then your frequency you can use yourself till optimum level. Today small measures from 1 point to 9 point, we will understand, whatever points people have in their life, what small measures they need to do so that the frequencies which is on by the planets, which comes under the planet, it will start sink with that planets.
So we will start from number 1, it is the king of the solar system. It knows that only it is, if there is authority it is by number 1. Everyone needs to wonder around number 1. It is the king and 1 number people, whose Date of Birth is 10, 19 or 28, so your birthday’s first second date. When you will total it, whose ever comes 1 number, what that person need to do?
Whoever birth total number which is 1 number, for those 1 number people, the effective remedy is wake up in the morning and takes Sun’s light, because 1 number means sun. And 1 number people and 2 number people are very lucky. They can directly see their planets. So that is why 1 number people during the day, they have to see the sun in the morning because the Sun will increase the power in yourself. So 1 number people in their life, if they are struck up in their life from any reason. So I will try to tell them to see while rising the sun. Due to the reason of life style if a person not bale to wake up early in the morning, then whenever they wake up try to see Sun first in the morning. You will get that energy from the sun which will help to come in sink with the vibrations.
If we talk about 2 number. 2 number means emotions, caring. How to take care of one another? What is love of mother? Just ask from 2 number, what is emotions ask from 2 number people. They keep small talks in their minds. So whosever birth total number is 2 number. For them there is easiest remedy, while in the night time they have to spend some time in the light of moon. The direct energy of moon will come in yourself, because 2 number means moon and moon means emotions. When the moon changes the positions in Shukra and Krishna, in that person mood swings comes very easily. So its very important for those persons, whoever have 2 number, they are emotional, they take care. They have too much emotions in these persons. So if they inhale moon light anytime during the night time, inhale in the sense they need to spend some time under the moon light. It will give very good results.
Now we will talk about 3 Number. 3 Number means Jupiter, Jupiter mean vision, means insights, means clarity, means it can give you guidance.
How to guide the people?
How to guide some one?
This is 3 number people. 3 number is directly represent OMKAR. So whoever belongs to 3 number, if they keep omkaar(OM) in the golden frame in the North East direction in their home, if they struck up in any situation and they will over come from that problem if they will keep Omkaar(OM) in golden frame in the North East.
The next number is number 4 means Raahu, Raahu means head,s part, means care, if 4 number vibrations are effected from somewhere, then what you need to do?
4 number people always need to wear Ganesh in their Necks. Ganesh teaches us to mix the care and assumptions. Raahu and Ketu, when I will come on ketu, will talk about on it in detail. Now Raahu’s people , these people knows to take work with the mind, they are manuplative, they know how to deals with the situation by access the things and if their name’s vibrations are not matching then they will not able to do this.
How it will match?
If anything in their horoscope anything in their homes, but if you will wear Ganesh’s locket in the neck, it will work soo good for you.
The next is planet Budh. Budh means conscious mind, in the world you need to use the conscious mind, how to increase the things if you come in life?
How to expand your business?
These all powers belongs to mercury. Mercury means Budh. 5 number people, whose Date of birth is 5, 14, so on, when total comes 5 means Budh. These people need to plant a tree in their life for one time and the more they will water that plant the more they will see their own growth in their life. And if they cannot plant a tree, so the plants they keep in their homes, they need to water that plants by their selves. You will see the cleanliness in their life.
The next is 6 number. 6 number means Shukra. In todays context if someone gives luxury life, if someone giving living luxury, that is number 6, which means Shukracharya.
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