What is NLP? (Neuro linguistic Programming)

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(Video) What Is NLP?

In this video, I break down what is NLP, also known as Neurolinguistic Programming.

In a nutshell, NLP is an attitude, backed by a methodology, that leaves behind a trail of techniques.

It shows people how to “run their brains” and create subjective realities that they can live and prosper in.

NLP was originally started by Richard Bander, and John Grinder, in the University of California Santa Cruz, but has gone on to spread to all 4 corners of the world.

If you’re looking for the 10,000-foot view on what NLP is about, then this will give you everything that you need to know, including the main subcategories and models that are a part of NLP.

1:23 NLP Model
2:55 NLP Founders
3:10 The Original Models
3:42 The Structure of Magic
6:03 NLP Attitude
9:49 Elements Of Attitude
28:23 NLP Presuppositions
43:03 Operational Principles
45:22 Well Formed Outcome
49:49 NLP Communication Model
52:56 Internal Processing Filters
59:07 Representational Systems
1:00:20 Eye Accessing Cues
1:01:23 NLP Patterns
1:08:21 Anchoring
1:11:47 Perceptual Positions
1:13:16 Logical Levels

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