It was hardly news when a headline in April 2018 trumpeted another end of the world prediction, since we get those all the time. What stood out about this one was the person who made the prediction: “BIBLICAL PROPHECY CLAIMS THE RAPTURE IS COMING APRIL 23, NUMEROLOGIST SAYS”. It was the first time numerology had made national headlines in a long while, so far as I could recall; but the fact that it did should be of some concern to those of a rational bent. Rational as we are, we will give it a fair shake and take a look at numerology today, and see if this prediction truly did warrant that much consideration.
Numerology is a type of divination — a way to see what would otherwise be unseeable, something that people have strived to achieve since time immemorial. It uses numbers associated with the person about whom you wish to learn — often the date of their birth, or… (Read the rest at


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