10 Reputable Companies Offering Work At Home Insurance Jobs

The insurance industry is thriving, and it’s a great time to find your place in it – as a remote worker, of course! Whether you’re a nurse or your background is mostly in customer service, there’s a work-from-home job for you with many of the top insurance companies in the United States. Want to work for MetLife or the Hartford? How about Geico or ING? Dive into my post below, where I show you what types of work-at-home insurance jobs are out there and who’s hiring in the field.
Types of Work-at-Home Insurance Jobs
The insurance industry is thriving, and it’s a great time to find your place in it - as a remote worker, of course! Whether you’re a nurse or your background is mostly in customer service, there’s a work-from-home job for you with many of the top insurance companies in the United States. #FinancialFreedom #Income #MoneyOnlineSales – Insurance companies of all types are always going to need salespeople! Many companies out there will hire folks to work from home and do sales over the phone (and other online avenues).
Licensed Insurance Agents – If you’re a licensed insurance agent, there are companies that will hire you to work from home! To become licensed, check your state’s requirements and sign up for pre-requisite training and then the state licensing exam.
Auditors – Working as a remote auditor for an insurance company is often an independent contractor position and may include local travel for physical audits. Other audit types include chart audits and premium audits.
Nurse – If you are a registered nurse, there are a variety of work-from-home jobs you can do for health insurance companies. You may provide services and support directly to physicians’ offices or patients, or the job may involve reviewing case data for workers compensation claims, or reviewing documentation to ensure proper care is being followed.
Physician – Being a physician may seem like a hands-on position, but there are opportunities to telecommute for doctors as well. With health insurance companies, physicians may work as medical directors for insurance programs or they may review patient’s medical records to determine whether certain treatments and procedures were medically necessary.
Medical Coders – Health insurance companies need specialists who can look at charts or submitted charges and enter them into their system with the relevant medical codes. While there are often no educational requirements for medical coders (beyond having a high school diploma or equivalent), it can really boost your career to complete a medical coding program online.
Claims Specialists – As an Insurance Claims Specialist, you would review various claims in order to decide whether or not the claim is covered by the claimant’s insurance policy. You can imagine the sheer volume of insurance claims being processed around the United States each day – from healthcare, auto, and home – and several big companies hire work-from-home claims specialists.
Analysts – Analysts are a crucial part of the insurance world, and may evaluate insurance policies and review the risks involved for policyholders and, of course, the insurance company itself. This job typically requires a bachelor’s degree.
Customer Service – Many industries have made their customer service call centers virtual, and the insurance industry is no different. From Progressive to State Farm to Metlife, insurance companies need work-at-home customer service reps.
Underwriters – As an underwriter, you evaluate the risk to an insurance company of providing insurance coverage – whether on a car or a home or for health insurance – then set a price and premium. Companies often require underwriters to hold a bachelor’s degree, but this could be a position you can break into with relevant work experience.
Companies Hiring for Work at Home Insurance Jobs
Aetna hires for a variety of positions to work from home – including nurses as case managers, for clinical and case review, and for consultation work (full time!); customer service representatives (especially those who are bilingual); analysts in various areas from claims operation to medical economics, and more. In order to find these remote positions, be sure to search through Aetna’s job listings using the keyword “telework” and leave the location field blank.
Cigna has a whole “work from home jobs” category in their job database – you just have to select “see all locations in the United States” from the sidebar and then tick the appropriate box and hit apply. They hire review and audit specialists, coders (particularly with experience), analysts of various stripes, nurses and more to work at home. Some positions may require HIPAA certification or ICD-10 certification.
The Hartford periodically hires full-time telecommuters for positions like underwriting analyst, medical case manager, disability analyst, nurse case manager, property adjuster, and more. It can be difficult to search their site for positions sorted by whether they have the remote worker option; I recommend keeping tabs on whether they are looking for remote workers via FlexJobs. You can set up alerts and filter according to whether the position is 100% telecommute.
GEICO also periodically hires people to work from home in a variety of positions, from Outside Security Investigator – which requires you live in a specific location so you can do field investigations, but doesn’t require office work – to Liability Field Adjuster positions that require the same. They’ve also hired for fraud investigators in the past. This is another employer it may be easier to use FlexJobs to keep track of their remote job openings rather than their website.
Farmers hires work-from-home representatives to both support their customers and sell them insurance. It looks like they require their reps to be licensed; other than that, their only requirements are a high school diploma and some relevant experience. They may also be hiring remote workers for other positions – look for open positions using “work from home” to search their database.
Humana hires people to work from home in every state – you just have to select your state from their Locations side menu on their career site. They have some of the most diverse remote worker offerings as well, hiring everything from underwriters and sales executives to nurse auditors and contact representatives.
ING Is a global banking company that also deals with life insurance – you can find them hiring for various telecommute positions in the United States, particularly if you keep tabs on them in FlexJobs. Past jobs they’ve hired for have included compliance analysts, sales representatives, enrollers providing clients with services education, customer care representatives, and more.
MetLife has a robust career website, though referencing FlexJobs is the better bet when you’re looking for their 100% telecommute options. They’re hiring for inbound sales, long-term disability claims specialists, and have hired product consultants, various types of claims specialists, appeals specialists, and technology liaisons (which required travel) in the past.
Progressive has a dedicated work-at-home website, detailing their work-from-home opportunities. They hire customer service, sales, and claims representatives to work remotely and sometimes for corporate positions. Once on their job listing database, just search for “work at home” or “work from home” and you’ll see currently available openings. You can make more working with them if you’re already licensed to sell insurance!
UnitedHealth Group is currently hiring for over 500 telecommute positions as of this posting – they’re hiring nurse practitioners (for house calls, so you do need to be in a certain area), clinical coordinators, nurses for their call center, health services coordinators, care advocates, physician assistants, various analysts, and many more. From their job database, simply select “Yes” from the Telecommute drop-down menu to see the opportunities.
You can find even more work-at-home insurance jobs on FlexJobs. If you are a member, just head to their Advanced Search feature and choose any of the following from the Insurance category:
Insurance Sales
Insurance Claims
As I said, insurance is a steadily growing field and there are more jobs relating to these companies than you’d think! This post should have given you some ideas, so track down an opening that suits you and apply today.


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