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Get paid for odd jobs, eg, Airbnb checks

Free app Shepper pays £10-£20 for quick odd jobs. It works with big brands such as Aviva, L’Oreal and Airbnb. Tasks are as varied as spot-checking Airbnb properties, checking billboards for graffiti and helping insurers gather evidence by asking questions about burst pipes.
This video shows how the app works. In some cases you may need to visit properties where other people will be present, such as tenants or cleaners who are working. Tasks usually take about 20 mins.
Shepper says users are fully insured, and it takes precautions to ensure your safety, including reviewing every booking that it receives. It may be worth taking extra steps too, such as telling a friend or family member where you’ll be and arranging to contact them after you finish the job. Remember to trust your instincts – if you feel uncomfortable with any job, simply leave. 
To sign up, download the Shepper app for iPhone or Android. You’ll need to show your passport or driving licence, do 15 minutes’ training and pass a multiple-choice test. 
The site’s newish so we haven’t yet had much feedback from forumites (give us yours here), but what we’ve seen from users elsewhere is decent.
Remember to invoice
Do note, unlike with most other earning apps, you need to invoice Shepper each month to get your earnings. It sends you a blank template to complete and email back to it. You must invoice within three months.

Quick summary
Who’s it good for? Those based in cities will probably find more jobs – but Shepper says it’s worth it even if you live in a small village 
Typical earnings: £10-£20 per task
Payment method: Monthly via bank transfer
Have you tried it? Share your experiences on the earning apps forum thread


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